I have enlisted the services of Maree and Matt from domestic angels for approx 18 months, and they have been a great, highly valued and a very important partner of ours.   They take pride in their cleans as if it was their own home, and the guests coming to the holiday house appreciate the small touches they add and care they take.  I am grateful for the additional help they gives us as well, as we live 1.5 hours away from our holiday home we can’t get to it when there are issues, and there are issues, such as a water pipe bursting, or a key from a guest that can’t be found, or kitchen essentials that run out or break…they jump on the case super quick and help where ever they can, which takes alot of stress out of renting out our holiday home.  I highly recommend this team if you have a holiday home that needs cleaning and care, they are the best.
Duncan Brough – Golf Rd – Mt Maunganui
quotesWe needed a good cleaner to spring clean our Café – “I am a cleaning
fanatic, with a high attention to detail” said Sarah. She delivered!Hamish Robinson – Tay Street Beach Café.